Let’s Go Hiking

Let’s Go Hiking

Let's Go HikingNow that the weather is starting to warm up, we start thinking about getting outdoors and enjoying nature. One of the outdoor activities we think about is going hiking. What better way to enjoy the great outdoors than to start planning a hiking trip and what you will need for that trip.

Spring is such a beautiful time of year, the Winter is over and the weather is warming up. The flowers are blooming and the birds are singing and nesting. It is an ideal time to hit the trails and breathe the fresh air. Depending on the part of the country you live in, you may have been cooped up indoors all during the Winter. It is exhilarating to know that you can now go hiking and enjoy the fresh air, and once more be connected to our beautiful natural world!

Hiking is wonderful exercise. There are so many health benefits, no matter what age you are. If you like to walk, why not expand your horizons by walking on a trail? As you

Tips On Improving Your Skiing Skills

Tips On Improving Your Skiing Skills

Tips On Improving Your Skiing SkillsIf you are a ski lover and are looking for new challenges in the sport, a Copper Mountain ski resort, Colorado, should be your first choice. Some facts about this amazing place include:

* It was originally known as ‘Wheeler’ during its period as a mining town.

* About $500 million have been spent on Copper Mountain over last few years to improve it as a tourist spot.

* It covers a large area of 2,465 acres.

* It has 125 runs in total and the longest run is of 2.75 miles.

* The base elevation is 9,712 feet and summit elevation is 12,313 feet.

* It has an average annual snowfall of 280 inches.

* It has vertical slope of 2,601 feet.

By virtue of all these exciting features, a Copper Mountain ski resort, Colorado, efficiently serves the needs of even the most demanding ski clients.

Copper Mountain Ski Resort Colorado: How to Improve Skiing Skills
All the aforementioned facts about Copper Mountain highlight the need for

Travel Safety

Travel Safety

Travel Safety

Travel SafetyWhen you travel the odds are you will have a safe and incident-free trip. However, if you are not aware of basic travel safety you can become a victim of crime or violence. If you exercise discretion, aren’t overly trusting, and don’t put yourself into risky situations, your travels should be safe and worry free. Don’t travel afraid – travel carefully.

Following are some of my suggestions to help you travel safely.

1. Luggage tags – never put your home address and phone number as this advertises the fact that you will be out of the country. I put my business address and phone number and I use a tag that has a cover.

2. Never leave your luggage unattended.

3. Travel light. Limit your luggage to 1 checked bag and a small carry.I find this allows me to move quickly, to have a free hand and avoid injury due to heavy lifting.

4. Dress down. Don’t wear expensive jewelry as this only attracts attention. I leave my valuables at home and take

Hiking Experience

Hiking Experience

To have an enjoyable hiking experience, you need to prepare adequately to make sure that you have all you need for your expedition before embarking on it. Furthermore, there are some precautionary measures that you can take to make sure that you are safe all through the hiking duration. It is advisable to hike in a group to make sure that in the case of any incident or accident, you have somebody else to help you out. Hiking in groups assists in the passing of knowledge between members of the group.

Also, when you hike in groups, there is the distribution of common group gear loads; hence you will not be tired from the overloads. Group hiking allows you to meet new people or deepen your relations and in the case of injuries you are assisted accordingly. Drink enough water to stay hydrated all through the day and have small snacks often to keep your energy levels up for an enjoyable hiking experience.

Carry some surplus food ready for any emergency cases and leave no traces in your trails to maintain the natural feeling for other hikers in the future. For safety purposes, leave your

Essentials for a Hike

Essentials for a Hike

When on a hike, safety is your biggest concern. You could get injured or even lose your way. Sports watches with GPS help to navigate yourself back home. Similarly, with that, here is a short list of essentials to pack light, smart and be prepared for a safe and pleasant hiking journey.

A good breakfast. You must have already heard that breakfast is the most important meal of the day. Yes, it is true. Your morning meal before a hike should include a cereal (oats or wheat), which will give you the necessary carbohydrates for energy. Your energy level can be kept on track throughout the day by sipping on water as well as munching onto fruits and nuts.

Inform someone about your plans. Never take off without informing your family or a friend that you are planning to hike and which direction you intend to go. In case you are not back in time, rescuers will have an idea where to find you. You could also use your GPS enabled watch to navigate back. Never post your itinerary anywhere on your car as this can attract thieves.

Weather update. Be informed about the

5 Tips For Hiking

5 Tips For Hiking

1. A GOOD MAP STUDY – Start your trip weeks or days prior to hitting the trail. You don’t have to have an exact grid coordinates for where you will camp, but knowing the general area will make the entire trip easier and more comfortable. Buying large general maps and detailed topographic maps of the area will allow you to determine the large general area and then pinpoint the area in which you will hike and camp. These maps will show you which trails you can use, bodies of water, terrain features, elevation lines, etc. Just looking over the map for 15 -20 minutes will help you tremendously. Not knowing your cardinal directions and general land features can turn a causal relaxing hike into a survival situation. Although many people might consider it cheating, a GPS is also a great way to prepare for your trip. A GPS can download topographic maps and do most of the work for you, but don’t rely on them. Every form of technology will eventually fail, and it will probably happen when you need it most.

2. STUDY WEATHER CONDITIONS – I can’t emphasize enough how important this step is.

10 Adventure Activities Travel Tips

10 Adventure Activities Travel Tips

When it comes to adventure travel the destination should be as adventurous as the activities planned. After all most of us can sky dive, scuba dive or bungee jump at locations either local to us or relatively close by. So when you add adventurous destinations to your adventure activities you have created the ultimate adventure experience. Just remember that many of these activities are excluded from your standard travel insurance so a special adventure activities travel insurance policy may be needed to provide for necessary protections.

Here are my recommendations for some of the top adventure destinations that include adventure activities.

Scuba Diving in Myanmar

For the last half century this southeast Asian nation has been closed to outsiders. Now as it begins to open up you still have an opportunity to visit this land with its diverse cultures before the McDonalds, shopping malls and traffic choked highways arrive. The Mergui Archipelago remains relatively untouched by modern society and scuba diving here will allow you to observe pristine coral reefs and magnificent sea life in addition to the cultural wonders of Myanmar before the modern world arrives in full force.

Bungee Jumping

General Tips For Your Adventure Travel

General Tips For Your Adventure Travel

Adventure travel is an interesting exploration of a remote destination with a group of adventurers. People who crave for amusements find it to be wonderful. Everyone cannot go for adventure travel. More interest and dedication is the key to have a wonderful adventure travel. Also Travelers have to consider their safety. They need to be ready to face any kind of dangerous moments during their travel. It means, they have to be ready with required precautions.

My friends, I would like to share few adventure travel tips that I learnt from my travel experience.

Generally, travelers prefer exploring beautiful landscape, fascinating foreign culture or unusual wildlife. A safari Jeep or dugout canoe would probably used for traveling. Sometimes group of travelers have to travel by foot since the area may be remote and no vehicle can be accessed. Hence, physical fitness is significant for any kind of travel.

Here are the tips to take a wonderful adventure journey:

1. Choose your adventure destination according to your physical condition. Many companies sponsor travel adventure packages. Choose wisely according to your budget. There are three type of adventure destinations. You can take easy adventure traveling,

Ethiopia Adventure Travel Tips

Ethiopia Adventure Travel Tips

In November 2010 my husband and I travelled around Ethiopia for three weeks by public bus with a private guide. Travel (especially bus travel) is a real adventure and not for the faint hearted as there is long travel days (even longer if the bus breaks down) on poorly maintained roads. But it is an excellent way to get up close and personal and experience the life and culture of the locals.

Addis Ababa
We arrived at the airport at 3.30am. We had not booked any accommodation due to our early arrival so we stayed at the airport till about 7am. A taxi agreed to take us into the city for USD$10. We went to the Ras Hotel where we had to wait till 9am to see if they had a room.
Travel Tip: We stayed at the Ras Hotel 3 times due to its central location. The price includes breakfast which is awful but lunch and dinner are good.

Bahir Dar
We stayed at the Ghion Hotel on Lake Tana and did a boat cruise to the islands to see the painted churches. The Blue Nile Falls area is pretty but not worth the

Adventure Travel Tips

Adventure Travel Tips

Planning is of essence knowing that it takes time and blood to accumulate funds for a decent adventure vacation.

Adventure Travel Companies -Memories of a life time

Getting away from the hustle and bustle of every day life requires many years of hard work and without vacation makes Jack a dull boy… When one is ready and set the question of where to visit creeps in… Asia? Africa? Or any other destination requires one to get proper information of a particular country and on different tour packages offered.

There are one million and one tour companies on the internet and one would get confused as to which one to use for their yearned or most hoped for vacation. Visit online travel forums to get a glimpse of what other travelers have to say concerning their upcoming vacation or others reveling on their experiences from a recent vacation abroad.

The first thing would be to look out for a reputable Tour company that gives advice on the best tourist spots in the country of visit and eventually plan a memorable vacation of a life time. Do not fear to ask as many questions as possible till one becomes almost familiar with that country of

Choosing the Right Ski Resort

Choosing the Right Ski Resort

Choosing the right ski Resort can make all the difference in the kind of ski vacation you end up having. If you love skiing and you are looking to book your next ski vacation, but you have no idea where to go skiing, here are a few tips you can follow to help you make the right decision in selecting the perfect ski resort for you, your preferences, your experience, and your skill level.

First, find possible ski destination through which you can enjoy skiing to the fullest. Look online and search for “ski resorts” in your area, or in the area you’d like to travel to. Write down all the destinations that capture your interest.

Next, review all ones in which you’re interested. Make sure you find out all you can about each resort. Ski resorts should have websites clearly providing information such as location, direction, contact information, prices, types and number of trails for each level, availability of ski lessons, current conditions, base snow, vertical height, and other activities and amenities, as well as available accommodations. Also, find out if you can purchase your lift ticket in advance through their site, which is

7 Shrewd Tips To Save Money On Your Next Vacation

7 Shrewd Tips To Save Money On Your Next Vacation

If you’ve never heard of Kicking Horse Ski Resort in British Columbia, it’s not surprising.

That’s because Kicking Horse Ski Resort (previously known as Whitetooth Ski Area) is the first, four season mountain resort to open in the Rockies region in 25 years. Over the past few years, the Kicking Horse Ski area has gone from modest ski hill to world-class resort.

Visitors to Kicking Horse Ski Resort can’t help but rave about the monumental powder season dumps, the massive vertical terrain, and laid back atmosphere guaranteed to have you wondering why it took you so long to find this snow haven.

Of course, paradise always has a price.

Luckily, I’ve collected a number of tips to help you save money on your next Kicking Horse Ski vacation.

Tip #1 – Avoid Booking Your Kicking Horse Ski Resort Vacation During Major Holidays

While it’s usually the most convenient to flee the cities on major holidays, it’s worth being flexible on your chosen days. That’s because accommodation prices usually skyrocket around big holidays, and drop right back down immediately after. Booking your Kicking Horse Ski Resort accommodation, flights, and lift tickets far

5 Tips That Help You Pick An Awesome Ski Lodge Every Time

5 Tips That Help You Pick An Awesome Ski Lodge Every Time

Planning a ski vacation can be a stressful process, especially when considering the many lodging options available. One of the most crucial aspects to a ski trip is, in fact, choosing the appropriate ski lodge. Take a look at the following five tips to help you pick an awesome ski lodge every time:

1. Look for a ski lodge that accommodates your particular party.

It is important to realize with whom you will be traveling. Will your family accompany you? Will your party include children? Lodging options vary widely and finding the perfect fit depends upon the size and age group of your party. Choosing a ski lodge that offers condominium-style apartments, as well as hotel rooms and larger living arrangements can suit just about anyone’s needs. When in doubt, simply call the prospective company and tell them about your travel party. A lot of hotels have privately owned and leased rooms, so chances are, you will be able to find something to accommodate your particular needs.

2. Consider a condominium-style hotel, regardless of your budget.

Some ski lodges are based around a business model wherein different companies and individuals own separate units

Top Five Honeymoon Destinations in Kerala for Newly Weds

Top Five Honeymoon Destinations in Kerala for Newly Weds

Kerala is a south Indian state with almost 600km of shoreline. It houses lakes, backwaters, mountains, tea & spice plantations, natural parks, wildlife sanctuaries and beautiful green zones that you could only find in heaven. Having said that, Kerala becomes one of the top honeymoon destinations for the awesome locations and promise they hold.

Some Top Locations for Honeymoon in Kerala are:


The place is really fabulous. Share some wonderful moments with your partner in the hills, comfortable weather, waterfalls, lakes and plenty of peaceful satisfaction. There are a lot of resorts offering exclusive benefits.

Share moments of love in a cozy room of a resort or hotel or live in a tree-house that gives you the feeling of living in a jungle. The place has enough waters to fill your boating wishes. If you’d like to go on a picnic, go to the breath-taking lakes in the vicinity.

Places To Visit: Chembra Peak, Meenmutti & Soochipara waterfalls, Pookot Lake, Neelimala, Bansura Sagar Dam and Pakshipathalam.


Well, Munnar deserves a place in the top five. The level of tranquility and silence it offers is just amazing. This is one

Top 4 Scandinavian Summer Travel Destinations!

Top 4 Scandinavian Summer Travel Destinations!

In Northern Scandinavia, you won’t see a sunset from May 18th to July 27th, literally six weeks of daylight to enjoy everything this beautiful region has to offer! With 24 hours of daylight, there is still no way to get to everywhere you want! We can try though, so here are just 4 of the many things to try this summer on your trip into the Nordic countries! The people are beautiful and friendly, the scenery spectacular and the food, well you will learn to love fish if you don’t already!

1. Go Whale Watching

The rugged northern coast of Norway offers many opportunities to see the most amazing animals on earth in their natural habitat. Arctic Whale Tours, based out of Sto, Norway offers tours to see Orcas, Grey Whales and Humpbacks as well as lots of other types of wilidlife. If you’re worried that you will just be staring out at open ocean, they also have a Whale Guarantee so you will be seeing these incredible animals no matter what!

2. Gorge yourself on Fjords!

Horrific pun I know, but don’t let that put you off visiting the most breathtaking scenery

SpaceSaving Tips When Packing Holiday Luggage

SpaceSaving Tips When Packing Holiday Luggage

Making sure all personal belongings are accounted for when heading on holiday is important. Intelligent packing solutions can help you fit more into the suitcase, whatever the size.

Whether you are heading to the sun-soaked beaches of the Caribbean or the slopes of Val d’Isere, packing for any trip can bring on pre-holiday stress. Even if you have private household staff to help with this process, it is good to know the easiest and most efficient ways to pack lighter and tidier. Here are a few space-saving tips when packing for your holiday.

Heaviest items at the bottom

For those who like to take a larger-than-normal collection of shoes or make-up products on their holidays, packing these towards the bottom of the suitcase will prevent the luggage tumbling over when stationary. It will also allow for more of the softer items to be included in the middle and top of the bag.

Rolling vs. Folding

Two different styles of packing that both have their advantages and disadvantages. Rolling clothes is a great way to prevent lines and creases in easily wrinkled clothing, however it could be argued that it takes up more space

Tips To Experience An England Vacation

Tips To Experience An England Vacation

Have you ever visited the United Kingdom? This country reflects the glorious amalgamation of history, culture and art. Visit the museums, art galleries, cathedrals, castles, gardens, abbeys, monasteries and palaces for getting a thorough insight on how exactly you are surely going to make the splendid most of your holiday break.

If you hope to see everything the country of England has to offer during the upcoming holiday break then all you need to do is to opt out for the themed vacations which can let you enjoy one of the ancient civilizations with utmost glee and exquisiteness. England is undoubtedly a marvelous holiday destination which encompasses everything from mountains to the wondrous lakes. The extensive landscape offers the vacationers with a wide variety of breathtaking backdrops where you can enjoy your vacation in the most surprising manner.

When one speaks of an England vacation, it always gives an impression of how costly the affair is going to become. Many of us who dream of visiting the country during the holiday tend to remain as a dream as we think it will take a whole lot of money to fulfill the vacation desires. Laying out a

4 Types Of Luggage Belts

4 Types Of Luggage Belts

If you are a regular traveler you understand the importance of a good luggage belt. When you carry your luggage with a wrong belt you risk having back problems, strained muscles, blisters, hernia, severe trauma or even death. To avoid this, get a good luggage belt. There are many types of belts that you can go with. The most common being:

Polyester belts

They are loved by many as they are not only comfortable and strong, they are also affordable and easy to take care of. The units make use of tension to hold your luggage together thus protecting your luggage from opening and spilling your valuables. The cool thing is that you can use them on wide range of luggage carriers including: Suitcases, backpacks or any other carrier that you might be having.

They are characterized by a belt buckle or plastic clasp that you can easily adjust according to your needs. The belts come in different widths, lengths, and brand names. It’s up to you to choose the one that is ideal for you.

Leather belts

These are designed for stylish travelers that want to match their straps with their luggage

Family Car Travel Tips

Family Car Travel Tips

Travelling long distance in the car with kids can be stressful. If planned properly you can make it hassle free and fun for both yourself and kids. Here are tips and checklist for safe and fun long distance car travel with young kids.

1. Organization: Most important part of any travel is organizing and keeping it all organized. Use as many Ziploc as you want. It will be very helpful in keeping things separate and organized. A separate Ziploc for all medicines, another one for tiny socks etc., another one for bottles/nipples, one for baby utensils so on and so forth.

2. Hygiene and Cleanliness: Kids can create and generate lot of mess. Whether their diapers or throwing food around. Purchase scented garbage bags from dollar store. They are about 50 for a dollar. They come very handy and keeps smell away. No need to waste money on expensive diaper trash bags or any other scented bags.

3. Feeding Time: If you are with infants and they are just breast-feeding or on bottle that you can do in the car or in some rest area. If baby is on bottle or using jar food,

Helpful Tips to Follow While Buying Luggage

Helpful Tips to Follow While Buying Luggage

You might have asked yourself the question of how to buy good luggage many times. There are certain important points to take into consideration while going through this particular process. Here you will also be able to gain some useful insights into the luggage and/or baggage world. These tips should be utilized to a very large extent because these are very important.

1. The weight and size of the luggage

You obviously don’t want to under pack for any trip that you are going to make. For this purpose it is important to choose the size as well as weight of your baggage without any type of complications. There are also bags that are labelled as light weight but it is recommended to never take the label for what it is. There is always something behind it.

2. The durability and construction

Waterproofing, fabric and frame are the basics for durability and construction of luggage. Thus it is recommended to look for these characteristics while you are selecting your luggage. In case your bag has an inner frame, you must look for the fiberglass that can provide immense strength but is also extremely